CONTRASTe Magazine, N°1, été 2008, Paris

Conceptual Art in globalization, in CONTRAST Magazine, No. 1, Summer 2008, Paris 
Article by Stephane Antoine
The work of  Kokene approach which fit the times and different spaces (country, street, unusual places ...). He chose to emphasize the artist's ability to adapt to reality, rather than showrooms. Central to this notion of adaptation is the issue of identity. In Today and Tomorrow (2006), a happening carried out in conjunction with the Berlin Biennale, Kokene operates ambiguous construction of "self" through the figure of the other by staging an attack on a Mercedes on a presumed Islamist. This image suggests a scandalous final solution provided by the Western world to Islam fundamentalist. But Kokene tangled tracks of interpretation because the majority of Mercedes is now produced with the average capital-Eastern (...).