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Ici, ailleurs, Marseille, 2013

Group Exhibition
12/01 - 31/03/2013

Opening Thursday Dec.10th  6pm at FricheLa Belle de Mai - Panorama Art Centre, Marseille (France).

Exhibition curated By Juliette Laffon
MP2013 Web Site

Just what is it that makes The end of the world so appealing?, Shanghai, 2012

Group Exhibition
Opening Saturday Nov.24th  6pm at V Art Center of Space 1, 2F Building 3 in M50, Shanghai.

Exhibition curated By Mathieu Borysevicz

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Museum of the Worl (Extract), "Xinghua market" Shanghai, 2012 Phot. D Kokene, ,

Museum of the World (Extract), "Xinghua market", 2012

世界博物馆 (局部)
Musée du Monde (Extrait)
Museum of the World (extract)

Step 2 of the project.
Artwork performed as part of shanghai BAZAAR COMPATIBLE PROGRAM // Museum of the World Website link

Circles steel and white Leds
40 x 300
Ø 3 M



un projet de Djamel Kokene
9/11 - 14h : Conférence au SIVA
10/11 - 15h : Inauguration au Marché Xinhua
10/11 - 18h30 : Rencontre au Pavillon de Lille Métropole

a project by Djamel Kokene
9/11 - 14:00 Lecture at SIVA
10/11 - 15:00 Opening at Xinhua market
10/11 - 18:30 Meeting at Lille Métropole Pavillion

安顺路96号 - Xinhua market - 96 Anshun Road加

美乐-可坎纳,原籍阿尔及利亚的法国艺术家,受上海习艺堂"创造力与全球化 "研究计划(法国南锡高等艺术学院研究生项目)邀请,作为驻地艺术家来到上 海,并完成其"世界博物馆(局部)"在上海的创作:其装置让大家重新发现街区菜 市场,肉铺、鱼摊、蔬果架。世界本来就是一个无时无刻不在自我展示的大型展览。

Djamel Kokene, artiste français d'origine algérienne, en résidence à Shanghai dans le cadre du projet de recherche « création et mondialisation » de l'École Offshore (Ecole nationale supérieure d'art de Nancy, ARTEM), présente « Musée du Monde (extrait) », une installation qui invite à redécouvrir un marché de quartier en donnant à voir chaque étal de viande, de poissons ou de légumes, comme autant de moments d'exposition du monde.

Djamel Kokene, French artist of Algerian origin, takes part of the "development and globalization" research project of the Offshore School (National Art School of Nancy, ARTEM) and presents "Museum of the World (Extract)", an installation invites us to rediscover a neighborhood market by showing each stall meat, fish or vegetables, such as moments of exposure of the world.

Comme un interdit, Paris, 2012

Group Exhibition / 5 to 23 December 2012
Opening December 4 - 18 pm


Comme invest in us. You'll strike gold, BROTkunsthalle, Vienne (Autriche), 2012


EXHIBITION 7/09 - 2/11 2012 (Group show)
“Come Invest in Us. You’ll Strike Gold,” refers to the words spoken by Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika after being elected for the first time in 1999. As much as this was an economic promise addressed to his country, it was also a seductive wink to foreign investors. Since then, entrepreneurs have indeed honored his invitation with the heavy support of various international governments.
Based on artist Djamel Kokene’s eponymous work, Come Invest in Us. You’ll Strike Gold – The Exhibition scrutinizes the scope of Western, as well as Arab, economic and financial interests at stake in the MENA region, interests that the recent popular uprisings and concurrent international political gamesmanship and strategic maneuvering have only made more blatant.

Diana Wiegersma, Curated By Diana

Museum of the World "Extract", Shanghai, 2012

EXHIBITION from 06/18 to 07/2 2012 (solo show)
Museum of the World "Extract", "Xinghua market of small objects", Shanghaï

Bazaar Compatible program / XiYiTang / DeYi Culture Consultants (Shanghaï)



"Restance (Small Yellow Section of wall) ", by Djamel Kokene, on 2012.
Urban intervention. Djamel Kokene offers us a new work by recovering of yellow paint a house in ruin, ultimate vestige of a district in construction site.   
Evoking his work, he says ": What interests me here, through this gesture of covering, it is so much the paradoxical character between the flashy visual effect
and the status of ruin, that the possibility of producing here an oscillating shape between archaeological object, unusual object and object of perception.

Still visible / go there!

Beyond Memory, Museum Of The Seam, Jerusalem, Israel, 2012

EXHIBITION 3/23 - 12/30  2012 (Group show)

ollowing the repression and under the shadows
of the catastrophes that inflicted in the twentieth century, 
the world today is on the verge of the ultimate disaster 
without any ability to place it in the future. 
Raphie Etgar, curator 

Museum of the Seam

Une chaînette relie toutes les pendeloques et forme le corps principal de l’objet, Mains d’OEuvres, Saint-Ouen (France)

EXHIBITION from 05/11 to 07/1 2012 (Group Show)
Isabelle Le Normand, Curator

Mains d'Oeuvres



- Figures du voile, La Fabrique – Le Cube, Toulouse, France (curated by Cendrine Krempp) 14/03 5/04 2012
- Situation Z, Arcade, Grand Bain-Douche de la Plaine, Marseille, France (curated by Stephen Wright) 01/11 - 10/12 2011
- Souvenir d’un souvenir 2 #: la forme du temps, In « Conte et performance », Hôtel Particulier Montmartre, Paris, France (curated by Mehdi Brit), 7/11/2011
- Anniversaire, "Ping Pong vidéo 20 #", Le Bel Ordinaire, Espace d’Art Contemporain, Pau, France (curated by Thibault Capéran) 8/11/2011
- Al Ghaib (aesthetics of the disapearance), Maraya Art Center Museum, Sharjah, Emirats Arabes Unis, 14/03 - 1/06 2011
- New Work from France #2, The Art Gallery of Hamilton Museum, Hamilton, Canada (curated by Thomas J.Lax and Studio Harlem Museum) 5/02 - 23/05 2011
- New Work from France #1, Studio Museum Harlem, New York, USA (curated by Thomas J.Lax) 1/04 - 27/06 2010